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  • Gustavo Thomas

We have a date for our first show!

Yes, I’m happy that our first “Pride Chinese Style” show ever will be held on June 21st, 2018 at the Mexican Consulate’s gallery in Guangzhou.

Of course, as a Mexican artist, I’ve been trying to keep close contact with the consulate’s cultural affairs office, and they decided to give the first push to our presence in this city offering the use of the gallery to do a photo exhibition of the project and a special performance art event.

Pride Chinese Style is just in its first fase, photo document, but we are going to use the opportunity to explore one of the other fases, photo-performance with a mixed improvisation of Tango Queer dance and Butoh.

Zhitong, the LGTBQ aid organization, and the Liede Tango school have been very supportive to this project and I cannot appreciate them enough. I love the energy and disposition they are showing with all the limitations we work here.

The Mexican Consulate in Guangzhou with other consulates and Chinese LGTBQ groups are organizing a film festival around the topics of the community and our event will be part of it.

So, now we are working hard in finding print and photo frame companies to give a good and attractive show.

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