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Pride Chinese Style Butoh Performance (2

My Butoh is a personal interpretation of my experience doing the photographic project of Pride Chinese Style.

I would never try to do an illustration of what I am seeing on them, but rather what I feel it could be a poetic interpretation of all I am experiencing during the process.

I'll be documenting all the levels of the work and the presentations, through photographies and videos, some mine and some with help of other photographers and spectators.

Butoh is a powerful creative tool that works deeply in my own way to talk about what is important in my life, and doing this project in Guangzhou is one of them.

Tango Queer Performance (2018)

"Qipao, A Gender Game"

(Performance 2019)

Qipao Butoh Performance

at the

Mexican Consulate in Guangzhou, China

(June 2019)

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