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The first sessions

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Well, we started to work. Both accepted and they agreed to do the photography sessions at their places of work.

First was the session with Zhitong. I learned about the work of every one of the members and I started to take photographs. The light at Zhitong's office was challenging but we did it anyways, I thought that, with all their work at the charity, I was not going to have many sessions with them available, so no time to waste. We'll see how the process of editing the photographs goes.

Then, a week later, came the Tango session with Wing and his Tango teacher. So much fun doing it I have to admit, watching the guys dancing and being very keen to my indications; they even changed shoes and shirts to become more ad hoc with the idea of the tango milonga we wanted, and the colours of the place and their costumes were very attractive.

I shot almost 600 photographs in total during both sessions, so much work to do now.

The reception at Zhitong's offices.


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