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Study of the Properties of Water  


The Passing of Time 

馬遠 Ma Yuan’s Study of the Properties of Water is a series of 11 famous -and influential- paintings depicting water in different states of movement. These images have been described as poetic, philosophical and as the summit of of Song Dynasty art. 


馬遠 Ma Yuan’s paintings are the source for a series of Butoh choreographies and oboe interpretations that bring the body to the deepest feeling of a liquid in movement. This water is a door into the universal liquid that flows within the body of the dancer and the musician, and provokes his singular impulsive movement and sound.


Our life is a river, our actions the water, the passing of time is that flow of water running through the whole life of the performers.


What is this water full of?

Gustavo Thomas

Gustavo Thomas (Butoh artist)

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